Welcome to CMS Global Studies!

The CMS Department of Humanities provides ongoing curriculum support and leadership in the disciplines of English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Global Studies, and World Languages. As we continue to implement the Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards, the alignment and integration of the Humanities will provide our teachers with the most updated information to support the instruction and academic achievement of every child.

CMS Global Studies will focus on the following global themes that can be incorporated in any K-12 classroom: Cultural Diversity-an understanding of one’s own culture and being open to the culture of others; Human Rights-an understanding of social justice, the impact of inequality, and discrimination; Interdependence-an understanding of connections between people and its impact, socially, economically, and politically; Peace/Conflict Resolution- an understanding of the importance of building and maintaining positive and trusting relationships; Sustainability- an understanding of meeting our needs without diminishing the quality of the environment or reducing the capacity for future generations.

This wiki provides information on Study Abroad, International Field Trips, and Global Studies.

International Field Trips