Thank you for your support to Study Abroad.

We created a “Best Practice Notes” Guide to serve as guide for all schools as they strive to assist students wanting to Study Abroad. This document is intended to support and clarify rules, regulations, and policies.

Please note, this is a general guideline and individual student circumstances may vary. Collaboration between school, family, and the global studies specialist will support and assist students who study abroad.

The best advice for high school students considering study abroad is to have an honest self-reflection:

Why kind of person are you?
What are you willing to sacrifice for this unique experience?
What do you hope from gain from living abroad?
Study abroad is largely what the student makes of it....

CMS will encourage and facilitate opportunities for students to pursue their high school education in foreign countries by recruiting students, providing information about study abroad opportunities, and developing partnerships with foreign schools or governmental agencies. CMS does not place students abroad.

If you should have additional questions/comments, please feel free to contact Michele Henriquez at 980.343.2654 or at

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