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The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

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This is My Home

This is My Home is a joint initiative of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and the University of Minnesota Human Rights Resource Center, as well as numerous other organizations and community partners throughout Minnesota. The goal of the Tool Kit is to integrate and simplify human rights education in K-12 schools statewide.

The Human Rights Process Model is a student-centered learning circle. Seven steps are addressed at all age levels: (1) Observe and identify a human rights issue, problem or concern; (2) Describe and compare the human rights issue on a local, national, and global level; (3) Generate responses or formulate positions and make predictions; (4) Select a response or position, practice skill, and take action; (5) Observe and collect information; (6) Reflect and draw conclusions; and (7) Communicate learning with others. The Human Rights Process Model is flexible so teachers can use any content area and apply this learning circle.

This is My Home has some curriculum models for different grade groupings. These lessons can be implemented as a stand-alone unit or woven through an existing unit.