K-5 Cultural Diversity Tasks w/Rubric aligned to CC and SS

Multicultural Books for Teens


K-12 Opportunities


ePals is a free safe online community that connects students and teachers from over 200 countries and territories. www.epals.com

One to World's Global Classroom Connections

This site focuses on connections with Asian countries and the fee varies. This organization brings cross-cultural experiences and can be used to emphasize foreign language development. http://globalclassroomconnections.wordpress.com


This organization enables teachers and students from around the world to collaborate on projects. The programs are designed to align with curriculum. Fee varies. www.iearn.org

World View & Rotary Scholars

World View connects Rotary Scholars abroad and NC classes/schools. Teachers can choose a WebFriend from Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia or Europe. The cost is free. Contact Alex Faulkenbury at afaulkenbury@unc.edu


The Department of Education's International Education Initiative provides a teacher's guide to International Collaboration. The guide is designed for online access and the teacher will find many suggestions to bring classroom projects around the world. www.2ed.gov/teachers/how/tech/international

People to People International's Classroom Program

This service connects teachers and their students with similar age classrooms in other countries. Classes interact by exchanging letters, packages, and electronic messages through teacher-supervised email accounts and private, online forums hosted by PTPI. Free. Registration is only open during July-October. www.ptpi.org/programs/SchoolClass.aspx

ART-BASED EXCHANGE-Creative Connections

This organization sets up classroom-to-classroom exchanges between U.S. and foreign schools, and reaches over 12,000 students around the world. Exchange programs include: ArtLink, Photo ArtLink, Rainforest ArtLink, and Workshops. Fee varies ($150-$495 per program per classroom). www.creativeconnections.org

K-8 Opportunities


Children from 173 countries have participated with peers from around the world. Over 500 volunteers, mostly educators, in over 50 countries, support the network. Free and information provided in more than 30 languages. www.kidlink.org

Reach the World

Reach the World helps students and teachers develop the knowledge, attitudes, values and thinking skills needed for responsible citizenship in a complex, culturally diverse and rapidly changing world. Reach the World enriches the curriculum by connecting classrooms to volunteer world travelers who are studying or exploring around the globe. Free. Follow real travelers as they explore the world! www.reachtheworld.org

6-12 (MS/HS) Opportunities

Taking ITGlobal

Taking ITGlobal offers a collaborative learning community which provides students with access to global opportunities, cross-cultural connections and meaningful participation in decision-making. 2,600+ schools in 120 countries are connected! Fees may apply and vary. www.tigweb.org